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A lifelong guitarist, vocalist and songwriter raised on classic rock with some folk and country mixed in, Drew has released two collections of his original music so far, No More Waiting (2003), and It's All Timing (2011).

Loaded with straighforward rock/pop tunes with some elements of country, and a few lighter, easy listening acoustic pieces, both CDs received favorable reviews and great feedback from listeners.

Interested in creating a fresher sound next time around, Drew has been experimenting with ambient and industrial music styles, blending them with his other styles and influences. Speaking of influences, they run the gamut from legendary bands Rush, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, and others; to guitarists like Joe Walsh, David Gilmour, Alex Lifeson, and Mark Knopfler. Drew's music is available for download or streaming at iTunes,, Spotify and others. See the links below...

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