Timeless Tales of Yesternever Vol. 2

Drew Vics - Timeless Tales of Yesternever Volume 2 CD cover

Released December 2016, Timeless Tales of Yesternever Volume 2 is a dark ambient exploration with a theatric style and gritty quality that hint of Charlie Clouser, Tangerine Dream and Rogue Element.

The main instrument is electric guitar with other sounds blended to create soundscapes of a creepy horror movie, without the movie. Let your imagination create the scenes. Sounds include electric guitar, bass, synth, silverware, garage door springs, voice and natural outdoor ambience.

I’ve been a fan of ambient music and synth music for years, since first hearing one of my cousin’s Tangerine Dream albums, and I’ve always been interested in creating music like that. No words to worry about or distract you, just music to zone to. Cool, relaxing, and in my case creepy, music. Kind of like a painting of sound that allows your mind to drift and take you to some far off land, a land of yesterday, or Yesternever

Ambient music is also great for meditating or helping you focus on work, so put the headphones on and enter your own little universe, chill.

The synth-like sounds for most of the project were created with electric guitar through various delay and reverb effects, though there is a bass synth used for Kaiju. Total Dissonance was created with a simple guitar effects pedals, combining slow attack, chorus and delay with layered harmonics which create the dissonant tones.

Creepers is the result of reversing and slowing down various sounds made on guitar and other things; reverb springs on my amp, pick scrapes and slides, overhead garage door springs, and some synthesizer.