Drew is a lifelong guitarist, vocalist and songwriter raised on hard rock, heavy metal and progressive music, with a bit of folk and country mixed in. He performed extensively in the early 90s around northern New Jersey where he grew up, mixing his pop-rock-alternative originals in with classic rock cover tunes.

During his teen years he would lock himself away every day after high school school to learn songs and guitar leads from his favorite bands. Seeking an outlet as a songwriter Drew eventually joined forces with friend and keyboardist John Frawley. To fulfill a desire to perform music they liked to listen to the duo began playing open mic nights back in 1991, including one held by Crawford Boyd at the Main St. Exchange in Rockaway, NJ. That open mic led to their first exclusive gigs and served as a launching pad for a long run of bar and night club shows around north Jersey.

Using MIDI technology to their advantage Drew would sequence the bass lines and drum parts. The duo sounded more like a four piece band, performing covers of rock artists like Bob Seger, Tom Petty Jackson Browne, Live, Matchbox Twenty, Gin Blossoms, 3 Doors Down, and progressive bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd and Rush. Their covers of Tom Sawyer and Subdivisions were popular among their regular audience.

During those bar band years Drew wrote several songs, and later recorded them for his first album, No More Waiting, released in 2003. No More Waiting won 9th place out of about 200 other bands and artists in the Kweevak Listener Survey (kweevak.com and soundpress.net).

Drew relocated to West Chester, PA in 2010 and spent the year writing and recording new material. In 2011 he released a second collection of originals titled, "It's All Timing." Both releases are available on iTunes, Amazon.com, Spotify, Rhapsody and other music download and streaming services.

He is currently writing material for a third release, decidedly more alternative and edgier than his previous work, as well as rehearsing and making plans to perform live in the very near future.